“By working with FedEx Supply Chain, we were able to create a platform for responsiveness to an ever-changing market.”

— Lori Anthony, Vice President, Fulfillment & Logistics, McGraw-Hill Education

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Our Philosophy

Enabling commerce: Our guiding principles and approach to logistics

Getting your product to market is no simple endeavor. Not only are supply chains tremendously complex, but core business issues are often tied to seemingly unrelated processes. For example, brand reputation is strongly impacted by returns management. Profitability is aligned with product handling, and scaling your business might require a more flexible model for peak seasons.

From sales and demand planning to fulfillment and everything in between, FedEx Supply Chain understands how to make all of your business components work together. By implementing our comprehensive logistics solutions, you can focus on critical business issues that differentiate your organization, while we focus on creating a successful product ecosystem.

The power of an interconnected view

Profitability, scalability, speed to market — addressing your biggest business challenges is how FedEx Supply Chain delivers the greatest benefit. We believe that supply chains are not linear. Instead, they are a complex network of products, technology and people — all with the goal of connecting people and products globally.

As your third-party logistics provider (3PL) and guide to supply chain best practices, we’ll help you maximize your product’s value at each touchpoint. Our solutions are built on best practices, created with customers in mind and tailored to your needs. We build supply chain ecosystems that enable efficient commerce.

With FedEx Supply Chain, execution of transportation, warehousing, distribution and returns is just the beginning. When coupled with a People First culture, technology, analytics and innovation, your supply chain can become a key to your company’s success.

The supply chain ecosystem

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“E-commerce is the core of our business and our main point of interaction with our customers, so things like taking care of our product, custom packaging and doing an extra round of quality checks before fulfillment are really important to us. FedEx Supply Chain didn’t ask us to change our strategy to fit its business but, rather, listened to our needs and adapted its capabilities to align with everything else we do. They help us deliver a high-quality customer experience.”

— Deepa Gandhi, Founder and COO, Dagne Dover

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