“Entrusting FedEx Supply Chain with our fulfillment allows us to focus on product development, while they implement solutions to satisfy customer needs.”

— Matt Geddie, President, Skinny & Co.

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FedEx® Fulfillment

Enable dynamic growth using an ecosystem of integrated logistics solutions

Whether you’re an established business or a rapidly growing company, FedEx Supply Chain provides you with solutions designed to scale with your business over time. To help meet evolving customer expectations, choose a provider with the flexibility and expertise to help you deliver an outstanding brand experience.

FedEx Fulfillment provides you with a holistic, all-in-one approach to outsourced logistics, including warehousing, fulfillment, packaging, transportation and returns. We’ll help enable your business to flex and scale as our experts focus on delivering a differentiating customer experience on behalf of your brand. In addition, one of our dedicated customer success specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure you and your customers are receiving top-notch care.

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Skinny & Co. turned to FedEx Fulfillment to help navigate the world of commerce

Skinny & Co., an Indianapolis, Indiana–based manufacturer and retailer of health and beauty products, was growing rapidly. Continuing to insource fulfillment would have required significant investment in technology and labor. To meet increased demand quickly, Skinny & Co. needed to instantly scale its fulfillment process.

FedEx Fulfillment presented a turnkey solution designed to alleviate Skinny & Co.’s scalability challenges, with value-added services that enhanced its customers’ experiences.

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The FedEx Fulfillment Solution

Deploy a world-class fulfillment solution — without doing the heavy lifting of building a logistics network yourself. With years of e-commerce logistics experience, the support of the robust FedEx network and embedded continuous improvement processes, you can rely on FedEx Supply Chain to provide increased value by:

Executing flexible staffing and labor management

Onboard quickly and instantly scale with operations that can flex staffing during peak and off-peak seasons.

Integrating with your e-commerce platforms

Easily integrate all marketplaces with our online platform to enable quick and accurate order fulfillment.

Customizing to meet consumer needs

Exceed customer expectations with custom or branded packaging, kitting and other value-added services.

Providing tracking and visibility in one place

With one platform to aggregate all orders and inventory, analyzing and improving your fulfillment network becomes easier.

Offering supply chain consulting

Uncover opportunities to improve your processes and overcome logistics challenges by working with our team of seasoned logistics experts.

Information for your business

To learn more about how this turnkey solution could work for your business, provide some information about your operations and a member of our team will follow up with you shortly.

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Exceed customer expectations with an optimized supply chain

Whether you’re an emerging business or a large manufacturer looking to venture into the e-commerce space, FedEx Fulfillment helps you exceed consumers’ needs with outsourced logistics solutions that:

Offer a network of integrated solutions

Simplify your operations with an integrated suite of supply chain solutions designed for optimal speed to market, scalability and profitable growth.

Service a multi-platform and international customer base

Address all of your sales channels by easily and quickly integrating marketplaces into the online platform so you can fulfill customer orders in over 200 countries and territories, based on visibility to your entire inventory.

Satisfy your customers with efficient delivery

Increase your delivery speed and ensure accuracy with the complete FedEx portfolio of transportation services.

Streamline your operations

Gain visibility to all of your inventory and shipments through an easy-to-use online platform, enabling you to meet evolving customer expectations from wherever you are.

Differentiate your business through value-added services

Set your business apart with custom or branded packaging, in-store promotions and other value-added services, embedded within the warehouse.

Dagne Dover fashionably overcomes logistics challenges

Dagne Dover, a brand of handbags and accessories, can now flex e-commerce fulfillment for even record-breaking peaks.

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Reverse logistics to support your returns policy

Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction with an integrated FedEx Fulfillment reverse logistics solution. As an innovative leader in the field of reverse logistics, FedEx Supply Chain understands the need to provide customer credits efficiently, process returns accurately and determine the best channel to realize a returned product’s maximum value. Trust an industry-leading provider of reverse logistics to:

Operate returns facilities

Efficiently process returned goods with our comprehensive solutions that expedite intake and sorting, analyze returned goods and automate disposition — including vendor requirements.

Maintain compliance

Ensure compliance with vendor and manufacturer policies through our proprietary reverse logistics software.

Liquidate inventory

Clear out overstock or returned product and receive compensation from secondary markets for your unsold goods when we handle liquidation for you.

How inbound logistics impacts the customer experience

Focusing on the fundamentals of inbound logistics can also help deliver an outstanding and consistent customer experience.

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