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We’re committed to continually improving our customers’ supply chain and the end consumers’ experience.

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About FedEx Supply Chain

Discover the full value of your supply chain

Logistics plays a major role in helping you grow, transform and optimize your business, but today’s supply chains are too complex and interconnected for any one solution to suit all of your needs. For your company to reach its full potential, it requires best-in-class solutions designed to solve distinct challenges. FedEx Supply Chain has the experience, expertise and culture of innovation to help your company overcome its biggest challenges.

We’re a third-party logistics provider (3PL) and thought leader for non-asset-biased solutions. We empower companies to discover the full value of their supply chains by developing tailored, technology-based logistics solutions and nurturing strong relationships with our customers.

The intersection of experience and innovation

Founded in 1898, GENCO, now FedEx Supply Chain, developed a strong reputation by delivering commodities to businesses. Over the years, our vision to provide innovative, integrated supply chain solutions made us a leader in value-added warehousing and transportation services. As a FedEx Supply Chain customer, you’ll benefit from the combined strength of GENCO and FedEx — logistics expertise and a global transportation network. We are:

Innovators in reverse logistics

In the late 1980s, GENCO was the first to develop a centralized returns process and proprietary reverse logistics technology, underscoring our commitment to integrated supply chains and a customer-centric approach.

A part of FedEx

Through the acquisition of GENCO by FedEx in 2015, FedEx Supply Chain was formed, and we continue as a leader among 3PLs today.

Technology center of excellence

GENCO united with ATC Technology Corp. in 2010 to make high-tech specialty services and innovations a core part of our business.

Recognized by Multichannel Merchant as a Top 3PL for 2018

Multichannel Merchant Top 3PL award winner for 2018

At a glance: FedEx Supply Chain by the numbers

Spanning across multiple industries, we’re a leader in non-asset-biased transportation, warehousing and distribution, and value-added services. The cycle continues with our innovative reverse logistics processes, including returns, recommerce and recycling.

Innovation and technology

Many businesses have turned to us to help them become more efficient and productive, gain a competitive advantage, and exceed customer expectations. Our experts continuously develop and apply new technology and innovative supply chain solutions. From our proprietary and patented technology to our implementation of top-tier warehouse management systems, our advancements help solve industry-specific business challenges.

Warehouse technology

To accurately optimize your inventory and increase your warehouse efficiency, FedEx Supply Chain implements and optimizes warehouse management systems (WMS) and leverages advanced technology, including voice automation and picking management solutions.

Transportation optimization

We’re dedicated to a non-asset-biased approach to transportation and transportation management systems (TMS), maximizing our relationships with over 10,000 vetted carriers.

Process innovation

Our history of developing new concepts and building patented technologies, combined with actively implementing continuous improvement on every floor in every warehouse, means more value for your business.

Technology development

Our experts actively strategize and identify innovative uses for proven and emerging technologies, tools, and software to improve processes and solve business problems.

Labor management: Unlocking the potential of the workforce

A company’s most valuable asset is its workforce. At FedEx Supply Chain, we believe in applying a People First approach that maximizes the contributions of our team members and promotes an engaging environment through:

Turnover reduction

Alleviate turnover by finding the right workers, optimizing onboarding and training, and cultivating an engaged workforce.

Culture and management

Through our leadership’s vision and top-down approach to culture, we make FedEx Supply Chain operations a place team members want to work.


Well-trained employees are critical to ensuring quality service. We invest in our team members to promote employee engagement and improve workplace performance.


Labor management systems drive a scientific approach to assigning tasks, tracking productivity, monitoring performance, rewarding successes and overcoming obstacles.

Emerging technology used in supply chain management

Three ways emerging tech is helping the supply chain workforce

January 11, 2017
Technological innovation is a driving force for improving the holistic efficiency of the supply chain as well as safety and efficacy of your workforce.

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Quality Driven Management: Our approach to lean management

Your business is built on innovation, execution and excellence. You need a 3PL that can help you identify new ways to add value for your customers, maximize efficiency and deliver on your promises.

FedEx Supply Chain is committed to delivering superior service on your behalf. We’ve formalized this approach in Quality Driven Management (QDM) by melding the best aspects of the top philosophies, including Lean Management, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management, into a rigorous, yet flexible, scientific approach to quality. By putting QDM to work for your business, you’ll benefit from lean business practices, continuous improvement and quality assurance.

  • What our teammates say

    “Our team truly takes pride in the quality of their work. They are constantly innovative in their thinking and problem solving. They always have a positive attitude. And most importantly, they make safety a priority.”

    — Andrew Wagner, Operations Team Lead, FedEx Supply Chain

  • What our teammates say

    “Our leadership team has a clear vision for our organization and our clients, and positions us in the right direction to achieve continued success.”

    — Dan Coll, Senior Manager of E-Commerce Fulfillment, FedEx Supply Chain

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