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“We help ensure products that are critical to keeping your business operating arrive quickly and minimize business impact.”

— Gina Grimm, Business Development, FedEx Supply Chain

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Enterprise Solutions Overview

Addressing core business goals through smart supply chain solutions

Your company’s success requires insightful planning and excellent execution, particularly for your supply chain, where your products and customers meet. The challenges you face are unique to your industry and company, and FedEx Supply Chain has the experience and skill to help you succeed when faced with even the most complex logistics challenges.

At FedEx Supply Chain, our experts identify opportunities in your supply chain and work with you to develop best-in-class solutions to help achieve profitable growth. Get the supply chain solution your business needs, whether it’s a turnkey option or a tailored solution.

Growth and scalability

Consistently meet demand today and in the future by preparing and planning for growth. If your supply chain can flex to meet demand during busy periods, you can keep customers from turning to your competition. With the right solution, you won’t be burdened with excess inventory or unused warehouse capacity.

Be prepared for changes in demand by implementing flexible, adaptable supply chain processes from FedEx Supply Chain, including:

Commerce enablement

Grow your e-commerce business profitably by removing supply chain constraints with our integrated approach to warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, packaging, returns and other services.

Flexible solutions

Adapt rapidly and cost-effectively with flexible space and resources, whether your peak is traditional or off-season.

Technology and resources

Maximize the visibility and control of your supply chain with expert implementation of top-tier warehouse management systems, warehouse automation and other technology.

Labor management

Create a positive work environment while responding to supply and demand in the labor market in order to minimize employee turnover and foster increased productivity.

FedEx® Transportation Management

Free up time and resources, and eliminate capacity shortages with our transportation management services.

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Turnkey fulfillment for businesses of all sizes

FedEx is a key player in the e-commerce industry with the unique combination of integrated logistics and shipping expertise to help you meet your business goals now and as your business continues to grow.

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FedEx Express driver approaching Critical Inventory Logistics warehouse

End-to-end solution for critical inventory

Improve the management of your service parts distribution or service supply chain and returns process with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics. Now a part of the FedEx Express® network, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics ensures product is delivered with the speed required to hit aggressive service level agreements and meet the needs of your customers.

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Creating a differentiated customer experience

Win with end consumers through customized products, fast delivery, status-tracking visibility and easy returns. FedEx Supply Chain offers a range of services that can be tailored to your business to help you meet those demands, and we can help you identify and deliver the experience your customers crave by providing:

Packaging, kitting and customization

Individualize the customer experience with products that are customized or kitted individually and packaged in the distribution facility to reduce additional touchpoints.

E-commerce integration

Optimize your digital storefront and multi-channel strategy by integrating the distribution and returns centers, for faster and more accurate order fulfillment.

Returns experience

Grow loyalty and increase sales with the simple returns process end consumers expect, while maintaining profitability.

Test and repair

Optimize the life cycle of electronics with robust returns, triage, test, repair and refurbishment processes.

Smooth transitions

Accurately identify the best way forward during mergers and acquisitions by gaining insight into where to consolidate or invest. FedEx Supply Chain works with you to streamline merging supply chains and make the most of these strategic moves by providing:

Supply chain consulting

Confidently chart the way forward for your supply chain operations with our expert, impartial evaluation of where you are, where you want to be, and the most timely and efficient way to get there.

Systems integration and optimization

Quickly and skillfully integrate duplicate or similar systems to gain cost savings and improve execution.

Efficient operations

Avoid wasting resources by reducing touchpoints per product. Increase your return on investment by allocating resources intelligently. Achieve these goals and others through business intelligence and executional excellence in:

FedEx Transportation Management

Drive efficiency and reliability with us as a non-asset-biased, single point of contact for all your transportation needs.

Supply chain consulting

Improve speed to market and execution with a review and realignment of your distribution centers and transportation network to best serve your customers.

Outsourced facility management

Focus on your core competencies by having us handle facilities, labor management and operations within your logistics network.

Unsaleables research

Learn why your products become damaged or otherwise unsellable — and what you can do to fix the problem — with our scientific, research-based approach.

Logistics Management Quest for Quality Seal

Winner of two 2017 Quest for Quality Awards

August 2, 2017
FedEx Supply Chain is honored to accept two Quest for Quality Awards based on votes from Logistics Management readers and users of 3PL and transportation services.

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Expand your global reach

Learn how FedEx Cross Border can enable you to reach out to global markets in more than 200 countries and territories.

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Optimize your supply chain and make better-informed decisions with real-time business intelligence. We’ll work with you to implement or create the technology necessary to capture data and inventory statistics, along with helping you analyze that data and apply those insights for continuous improvement. Trust our experts for:

Warehouse management system (WMS) implementation

Improve the efficiency, accuracy and visibility into your supply chain with a top-tier WMS implemented by experts.

Transportation management system (TMS) implementation

Deliver an exceptional customer experience and fast, reliable shipping through an industry-leading TMS instance.

Compliance and risk management

Regulations and risk management are especially prominent in the healthcare and consumer goods industries. To align with requirements in medical safety, financial reporting, industry regulations or other areas, it’s important to establish standardized processes and generate the reports necessary to stay compliant. Let FedEx Supply Chain put our extensive experience with regulated industries to work for you through:

Supply chain consulting

Avoid fees and litigation with our expert analysis and optimization of your supply chain, with a focus on compliance, required reporting and managing risk.

Healthcare regulation and certifications

Accurately capture data and enable timely reporting to make proactive changes and maintain compliance.

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