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Streamline your logistics operations as we optimize inventory and fulfillment across all channels, including retailers, distributors and direct-to-consumer deliveries.

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Consumer Goods

Streamline and continually improve your consumer goods supply chain

An efficient and effective supply chain is key to driving customer satisfaction. Achieve this goal by working with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that shares your vision of continuous improvement. In the consumer goods industry, processes and performance are always being analyzed and enhanced — from the front office to team members on the warehouse floor.

FedEx Supply Chain has a long history of helping manufacturers of consumer goods improve the performance of their supply chain. We will manage inbound and outbound transportation, distribution management, packaging, reverse logistics and more. Your business will remain efficient, lean and focused on its core competency: making products that satisfy consumers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Combining innovation and efficiency for maximum value

In mature markets where manufacturers of consumer packaged goods compete, time is short, demands are high, margins are slim, and every opportunity to add or preserve product value is important. FedEx Supply Chain helps optimize your supply chain by examining the entire life cycle of your product, from factory to consumer — and, if necessary, back again.

Supply chain solutions

Current consumer purchasing habits are forcing retailers and manufacturers to undergo dramatic changes. Heightened consumer expectations, drop-shipping requirements and vendor-managed inventory are putting pressure on your supply chain. At the same time, e-commerce capabilities are allowing many manufacturers to sell directly to consumers.

At FedEx Supply Chain, we understand what end consumers want: greater purchasing power, fast delivery and simple returns. And we know that your customers expect you to deliver. Stay ahead of the curve with services and solutions designed specifically for consumer goods supply chains. These include:

Managing your omnichannel supply chain

Streamline your logistics operations as we optimize inventory and fulfillment across all channels, including retailers, distributors and direct-to-consumer deliveries.

Labor management

Create a positive work environment while responding to supply and demand in the labor market in order to minimize employee turnover and foster increased productivity.

Optimizing your network

Improve operational efficiency based on our comprehensive review of your transportation and distribution facilities.

Executing warehouse operations

Achieve excellence in operations through top-tier warehouse management systems and advanced technologies, implemented by an expert team.

Enhancing your tracking capabilities and visibility options

Gain the control that comes with having a complete picture of your operations with real-time visibility.

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Efficiently manage your growing inventory

It’s time to optimize your supply chain for increased demand. Consumer goods inventories have grown by 22% since 2013.1

Packaging, kitting and postponement

Add more value to your products by optimizing how and when they are packaged. Smart packaging and kitting solutions performed in the warehouse can help increase your sales and make a positive impression on end consumers. FedEx Supply Chain helps you achieve these goals by:

Packaging products

Reduce extra steps and shipping costs by embedding our contract packaging operations within your facility.

Building and distributing point-of-sale (POS) displays

Improve control over in-store promotions and minimize touchpoints by designing and assembling POS displays in the warehouse.

Performing kitting and assembly

Create extra value by producing multi-product packages and value packs in the warehouse.

Providing customization and postponement

In order to leverage your inventory in the most efficient way, FedEx Supply Chain helps delay product packaging and assembly for as long as possible to meet exact customer specifications.

Reverse logistics and liquidation

Manufacturers of consumer goods need a way to smoothly manage the flow of increasing returns. As end consumers continue to expect a friendly returns policy, you can also expect an increase as your retail partners return more products to you.

Managing this complex interaction can be made simpler by using FedEx Supply Chain as your reverse logistics expert. As an innovator and industry leader in reverse logistics, we’ve transformed the returns process into a strategic advantage for companies like yours. Gain a competitive advantage by working with us to:

Operate centralized returns facilities

Efficiently process returned goods with our comprehensive solutions that simplify processing and sorting, analysis of returned goods, and disposition.

Test, repair and refurbish

Recapture as much value as possible from returned merchandise as we prepare the products to be resold.

Perform product recall management and services

Protect customers and your brand with our timely, efficient and transparent recall services — from first notification to final disposition.

Liquidate inventory

Increase profitability by efficiently moving unsold products and returns into secondary markets when we handle the liquidation process for you.

Conduct unsaleable goods and damage research

Understand why you have unsaleable and damaged products — and how to address the causes — by applying our structured research process.

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The Retailer’s Atlas for Omnichannel Returns

November 14, 2017
In this white paper, the experts at FedEx Supply Chain provide several helpful strategies for navigating reverse logistics in the new retail reality.

White paper Download white paper

Transportation management

Easily meet commitments to your partners with more effective transportation management. If capacity constraints are a concern, you can rest easy — we collaborate with more than 10,000 vetted carriers on your behalf.

FedEx Supply Chain will match your company’s particular needs to a variety of transportation options based on:

Network design and optimization

Improve the speed and efficiency of your transportation network. Our experts recommend the best sites for distribution centers based on the density of shipments and their destinations.

Outsourced transportation management

Gain efficiency and flexibility as you rely on us to be your single point of contact for all your shipping needs.

Optimal mode selection

Identify the best shipping mode to deliver the lowest cost while meeting customer service goals.

Procuring transportation resources

Simplify your bidding process by turning to us to expertly write your RFP, review proposals and conduct negotiations.

Arranging freight solutions

Get the right carrier for your shipping needs. Our network has every solution available, including less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload, refrigerated freight, dry van, bulk, parcel, and air and ocean freight.

Shipment consolidation

Achieve lowest landed cost through shipment consolidation: pooling, multi-stop truckload, repack and zone skipping.

1 Peter Dawe, Elfrun von Koeller, Alicia Pittman, and Chidinma Asonye, “Time to Shift Gears: Top Trends in the CPG Supply Chain (BCG Perspectives), Oct. 20, 2015.

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