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Compliant, reliable and secure healthcare supply chains

Every shipment in the healthcare industry has the potential to change a life, and it needs to be handled with an appropriate level of precision and care. Finding a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that stays current with regulatory requirements and provides innovative, secure and transparent healthcare logistics solutions is critical.

The FedEx Supply Chain team brings decades of experience in helping top companies in the industry mitigate risk at each phase of a product’s life cycle. We increase inventory visibility to help you deliver life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and we manage full reverse channels including compliant disposal of products. All of our solutions are designed to ensure your supply chain never stops moving.

Supporting the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Navigate complex supply chain challenges by letting FedEx Supply Chain expertly handle your healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics for both your distribution and returns operations. Our experts confidently address critical security, regulatory and reporting requirements, while helping maintain compliance in all parts of the supply chain.

Medical device logistics is equally demanding. Besides distribution and returns, your supply chain also requires specialty services such as surgical loaner kit solutions. We enable you to focus on your core business by designing, implementing and managing these operations and services for you.

Four of our distribution facilities have been awarded Drug Distributor Accreditation.

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Multi-tenant healthcare solution

October 25, 2016
Learn more about our multi-tenant warehousing solution that meets the evolving needs of small and medium-sized healthcare customers.

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Specialized solutions for the healthcare industry

For your most specialized shipping needs, use FedEx Custom Critical with controlled-room temperature (CRT) air and ground capabilities, white-glove handling and security. FedEx® HealthCare Solutions also provides global reach and special cold-chain shipping options in addition to SenseAware®, a FedEx innovation that measures the shipment’s environmental conditions and provides detailed location-tracking capabilities.

Supply chain solutions

Rising medical demands of an aging population, health insurance mandates and evolving regulations are changing the economics of the healthcare industry. By implementing a holistic approach to the planning and execution of your healthcare supply chain, you’ll gain efficiencies without sacrificing quality or increasing the risk of noncompliance.

Driving efficiency in your supply chain has never been more critical. In cases of mergers or acquisitions, efficiency is particularly crucial. We have the experience and innovative vision to help guide you through these new realities by:

Optimizing your supply chain network

Improve the operational efficiency and service quality of your distribution facilities and transportation providers with recommendations made by our team of expert engineers, analysts and architects.

Providing security and maintaining product integrity

Safeguard patients with our secure and regulatory-compliant supply chain solutions.

Protecting your brand

Assure consumers and stakeholders of your commitment to quality through strict adherence to regulatory obligations and industry standards.

Executing distribution and fulfillment

Enhance warehouse efficiencies in areas of order-status tracking, product visibility and outbound logistics with expert implementation of warehouse management systems and advanced technology.

Packaging and kitting

Protect your products from environmental conditions and ensure security and compliance, all while making your operations more efficient with specialized packaging and kitting solutions. FedEx Supply Chain supports this need by:

Packaging products

Reduce extra steps and shipping costs by embedding contract packaging operations within the facility.

Kitting and loaner kit assembly

Improve customer satisfaction and ease of use with bundled items, arranging items strategically, and enabling visibility and simple recovery of loaner instrumentation.

Product relabeling

Minimize the financial impact of outsourcing tasks by relabeling products in our registered, FDA-approved facilities for quick return to saleable inventory.

Are you ready for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act?

Prepare your pharmaceutical supply chain for compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Among other provisions, this law requires manufacturers to place unique product identifiers (UPI) on drug packages by late November 2018. By 2019, wholesalers may only accept serialized product and must verify the UPI of suspect product. By 2023, manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors and dispensers must exchange transaction information and statements via an interoperable electronic system. FedEx Supply Chain will provide you with consultative services and support during this critical implementation period.

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Five advantages of the multi-tenant warehousing model for healthcare manufacturers

January 13, 2017
Learn how manufacturers of healthcare products are improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness with multi-tenant warehousing.

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Recall management, reverse logistics and final disposition

Protect end consumers and your brand by quickly and accurately managing the critical event of a recall. A commitment to transparency and communication is especially crucial during these urgent times.

Customers expect a recall to be handled professionally and efficiently. FedEx Supply Chain will manage all of the intricacies of a recall with the flexibility and expertise called for in these unplanned events, including:

Product recall management

Protect customers and your brand with timely, efficient and transparent recall services, including managing outbound and recalled items with the same unique serial unit.

Product intake and processing

Quickly and effectively coordinate excessive returns in critical situations using our proven processes and resources.

Reimbursement of customers

Satisfy customers with timely, accurate reimbursements and product exchanges that we process for you.

Testing and disposal

Gain insight into the recall as we expertly test your product and efficiently dispose of items using regulatory-compliant and environmentally friendly procedures.

Secure destruction of regulated goods

Avoid issues at the end of your products’ life cycle by implementing a disposal process that surpasses standard pharmaceutical regulations.

Data collection and reporting

Accurately measure the effectiveness of your program while ensuring visibility for government agencies and other stakeholders by having us track every aspect of the recall.

Transportation management

Cultivate strong relationships with your customers and uphold your product’s value with transportation solutions designed for regulated healthcare goods. Shipping pharmaceuticals and medical devices often requires special handling, and our freight management, procurement and brokerage services will fulfill these needs. We help protect your shipment by maintaining its temperature, providing real-time tracking and enabling a complete audit of the in-transit experience. FedEx Supply Chain can help through:

Transportation management

Gain efficiency and flexibility by relying on us to be your single point of contact for all shipping needs.

Procuring transportation resources

Simplify your bidding process by turning to us to expertly write your RFP, review proposals and conduct negotiations.

Arranging freight solutions

Get the right carrier for your shipping needs. Our network has every solution available, from less-than-truckload (LTL) to full truckload, refrigerated to dry van, and air to ocean freight.

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