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“We help ensure products that are critical to keeping your business operating arrive quickly and minimize business impact.”

— Gina Grimm, Business Development, FedEx Supply Chain

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Supply chains tailored to the needs of industrial manufacturers and suppliers

In the industrial sector, materials and parts are constantly in motion between suppliers and manufacturers. Your supply chain’s efficiency, accuracy and speed give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to get your products where they need to be, when they need to get there. Additionally, the market places demands on your customers. The success of their business depends on your ability to reliably deliver critical materials and parts.

With our years of experience in the industrial goods market, FedEx Supply Chain optimizes your supply chain while accounting for the unique properties of your products and the expectations of your customers and end consumers. You can depend on our expertise to develop solutions that fit your industrial logistics needs.

Supply chain solutions

Whether your customer is a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or another industrial operation, FedEx Supply Chain brings increasing value to your supply chain by:

Managing your omnichannel supply chain

Streamline your industrial logistics operations as we optimize inventory and fulfillment across all channels, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Optimizing your network

Improve operational efficiency based on our expert review of your network of providers and distribution sites.

Executing warehouse operations

Enhance warehouse efficiencies through top-tier warehouse management systems and advanced technologies, implemented by an expert team.

Enhancing your tracking capabilities and visibility options

Gain the control that comes with having a complete picture of your operations with real-time visibility.

Packaging and postponement

Gain greater efficiency in your processes with our product and warehouse services. Whether you’re delivering parts to a manufacturer or finished appliances to a retailer, FedEx Supply Chain helps to maximize the value of your product with our:

Contract packaging

Minimize additional touchpoints and shipping costs when we manage contract packaging for you.

Product postponement

Create opportunities and make the most of your inventory by leaving products unpackaged as long as possible. We can put bulk product in packages and perform final assembly based on specific customer orders.

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More easily meet your commitments to your manufacturing, distribution and retail customers with transportation management solutions from FedEx Supply Chain. If capacity constraints are a concern for your business, you can rest easy. You have complete access to our network of more than 10,000 vetted freight companies.

FedEx Supply Chain will match your company’s particular needs through a variety of transportation options, with solutions including:

Outsourced transportation management

Gain efficiency and flexibility as you rely on us to be your single point of contact for all shipping needs.

Network design and optimization

Improve the speed of your transportation network. Our experts recommend the best sites for distribution centers based on shipping activity.

Procuring transportation resources

Simplify your bidding process by turning to us to expertly write your RFP, review proposals and conduct negotiations.

Arranging freight solutions

Get the right carrier for your shipping needs. Our network has every solution available, including less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload, refrigerated freight, dry van, flatbed and more.

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The Retailer’s Atlas for Omnichannel Returns

November 14, 2017
In this white paper, the experts at FedEx Supply Chain provide several helpful strategies for navigating reverse logistics in the new retail reality.

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Reverse logistics

Improve your overall supply chain efficiency and minimize the impact of returns on your business with a complete reverse logistics solution from FedEx Supply Chain.

As an established leader in the field of reverse logistics, we understand the need to process returns accurately and determine the best way to realize your product’s maximum value. FedEx Supply Chain reverse logistics experts will:

Operate returns facilities

Efficiently process returned goods with our comprehensive solutions that simplify intake and sorting, create an analysis of returned goods, and determine proper disposition.

Liquidate inventory

Clear out unneeded inventory and recover value from your unsold goods when we handle the liquidation process for you.

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