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Retail Logistics

Solutions for optimizing retail and e-commerce fulfillment

As a retailer in today’s market, you cater to consumers across a variety of channels. Whether they’re shopping in-store, on their desktop or through a mobile app, your challenge is to provide a seamless and integrated customer experience.

Supply chain solutions that leading retailers trust

FedEx Supply Chain has the expertise needed to help you meet customer expectations in any channel. Our solutions enable inventory visibility and support fast shipping options and easy returns processes that consumers expect. This helps retailers like you provide the customization, visibility and control that turns first-time buyers into loyal customers.

Commerce enablement

Attracting a new customer costs five to 25 times as much as retaining one — depending on the industry — so customer satisfaction is key to profitable growth.1 Retain customers with quick, accurate order fulfillment and easy returns. Our innovative software solutions and integrated approach to retail logistics and supply chain management will help drive repeat buyers.

Increase inventory visibility, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing warehousing best practices, automation and a dedicated software system that applies technology specifically configured to manage orders of any size.

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Make consumers happy with easy returns

Retail stores can expect a significant number of returned products — about 8 percent from brick-and-mortar consumers and 30 percent from e-commerce shoppers.2 FedEx Supply Chain processes more than 350 million returns for our clients every year.

Supply chain solutions

The same opportunities that differentiate your business also make it more complex. Your customers want fast direct-to-consumer and direct-to-store shipping options, and the choice to return products anywhere. And you want to provide the kind of service that will build customer loyalty with your store or shopping site.

A centralized, scalable solution that manages your inventory across channels and maintains flexibility at peak enables you to cater to your customers. FedEx Supply Chain tailors solutions to specifically fit the needs of product types and end consumers. Our logistics experts help you:

Strategically manage your omnichannel supply chain

Build a better strategy to optimize your omnichannel operations, enable on-time delivery and effectively process customer returns.

Optimize inventory within your network

Determine the most efficient inventory allocation for your network with our expert analysis of your facility locations and transportation providers.

Drive operational excellence

Enhance warehouse efficiencies when we implement top-tier warehouse management systems, advanced technologies and a data-driven approach to continuous improvement.

Personalize kitting and order fulfillment

Cultivate a great customer experience with an exceptional unboxing experience when you use our value-added services, such as gift wrapping, customized kit assembly, and combining collateral or complementary products.

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Improving e-commerce fulfillment through business integration

January 11, 2017
Learn about demand planning for e-commerce fulfillment from experts in the fields of marketing and supply chain management.

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Reverse logistics and liquidation

Consumers expect a simple and transparent returns process. Research shows that 67 percent of shoppers review a returns policy before making an online purchase.3 While you create loyalty by exceeding customer expectations, you also need a strategic approach to cost-effectively handle returns.

Achieve that balance of high customer satisfaction and efficient operations with FedEx Supply Chain. We’ve transformed the returns process into a strategic advantage for companies like yours. Work with us to:

Execute returns policies

Attract and satisfy consumers with a simple returns policy that also enables an effective returns process for your company. Our innovative solutions enable processing credit for the consumer within 48 hours.

Operate returns facilities

Efficiently process returned goods with our comprehensive solutions that simplify product intake and sorting, analysis of returned goods, and disposition — in separate or all-in-one facilities.

Test, repair and refurbish

Recover as much value as possible from returned merchandise as we prepare products for restocking on your shelves or selling online.

Oversee return-to-vendor programs

Simplify your dealings with multiple vendors and their differing return policies — we’ll manage the entire process on your behalf.

Liquidate inventory

Clear out unneeded inventory and recuperate value from secondary markets for your unsold goods when we manage the liquidation process for you.

Stay ahead of returns trends

Gain a competitive edge by factoring returns into your overall business strategy and goals. Consider that:

  • Retail returns tallied $290 billion in the U.S. and Canada in 2015.
  • In certain categories, as much as 30 percent of e-commerce sales are returned.
  • Discounted or discarded returns cost retailers 4.4 percent of revenue.4

As an industry leader in reverse logistics, FedEx Supply Chain employs a comprehensive approach that features decades of innovation and refinement. We have helped leading retail and e-commerce businesses manage changes to the returns environment.

Find out what happens to returns in this infographic.

Transportation management

Meet stringent commitments to supply stores and retail partners by letting FedEx Supply Chain work through the challenges of transportation management. If capacity constraints are a concern in your business, you can rest easy — we collaborate with more than 10,000 vetted freight companies on your behalf.

FedEx Supply Chain will match your company’s particular needs to a variety of transportation options, including:

Network design and optimization

Improve the speed and efficiency of your transportation network. Our experts recommend the best sites for distribution centers based on store locations and parcel shipments.

Outsourced transportation management

Gain efficiency and flexibility as you rely on us to be your single provider for all your shipping needs.

Optimal mode selection

Identify the best shipping mode to deliver the lowest cost while meeting customer service goals.

Procuring transportation resources

Simplify your bidding process by turning to us to expertly write your RFP, review proposals and conduct negotiations.

Arranging freight solutions

Get the right carrier for your shipping needs, including less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload and refrigerated transportation.

Shipment consolidation

Achieve lowest landed cost through shipment consolidation: pooling, multi-stop truckload, repack and zone skipping.

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