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Technology & Electronics

Powering up your technology supply chain

For businesses in the technology and electronics industries, constant innovations and disruptions can bring complications, as well as opportunities. When you resolve those complications and act on the opportunities — through being first to market, product customization and intelligently managing inventory — you can please consumers and earn their loyalty. An expertly managed supply chain can help you reach these goals.

An integrated supply chain drives customer loyalty

Your third-party logistics provider (3PL) is responsible for many of the interactions that create positive perceptions of your brand. When you provide timely and secure shipping, accurate fulfillment, and custom packaging — such as using higher-quality materials, adding complementary products or including a custom thank-you note — that shows consumers you consider them important to your business. At FedEx Supply Chain, we work closely with suppliers and strategic collaborators to build, nurture and protect technology brands.

Supply chain solutions

Product quality, purchasing experience, fast shipping and transparent communication all drive loyalty among consumers. Our experts in technology and electronics logistics will work with you to impress end consumers and preserve your brand’s integrity, while adding value to your products’ life cycle by:

Managing your omnichannel supply chain

Streamline your logistics operations by having FedEx Supply Chain manage all channels, including retailers, distributors and marketplaces.

Optimizing your network

Improve operational efficiency based on our professional review of your shipping providers and distribution facilities.

Executing warehouse operations

Enhance warehouse efficiencies through top-tier warehouse management systems and advanced technologies, implemented by an expert team.

Providing tracking and visibility

Gain the control that comes with having a complete picture of your operations with real-time visibility and serialization for precise asset tracking.

Offering secure supply chain capabilities

Protect your business and make safety a top priority with highly reliable security solutions.

FedEx Express driver approaching Critical Inventory Logistics warehouse

End-to-end solution for critical inventory

Improve the management of your service parts distribution or service supply chain and returns process with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics. Now a part of the FedEx Express® network, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics ensures product is delivered with the speed required to hit aggressive service level agreements and meet the needs of your customers.

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Reverse logistics, test, repair and liquidation

When intricate parts wear down, inoperable devices contain valuable components, and when new models hit the market, it often results in a flurry of trade-ins. To manage the entire ecosystem of electronic devices, you need proven solutions in place that align with your goals.

As an established innovator in reverse logistics, we understand the importance of minimizing the impact of returns and providing excellent customer service. FedEx Supply Chain will create efficiencies, while supporting your brand promise, through:

Operating returns facilities

Efficiently and accurately process and manage returned electronics. With the right implementation, our analysts will track returned products from the moment they’re shipped through final disposition.

Testing, repairing and refurbishing

Support your customers and recapture as much value as possible from returned merchandise when we triage, test and repair saleable items to be restocked or sold in secondary markets.

Warranty management

Save time, gain efficiencies and provide outstanding customer service by outsourcing warranty activities to our experts.

Flashing devices and erasing memory

Get devices ready for resale as we data wipe and update software, firmware and other settings.

Device disassembly

Reduce waste and benefit from resale of rare or high-value parts and precious metals contained in inoperable devices with our expert teardown services.

Inventory liquidation

Receive compensation for your unsold goods through secondary markets or recycling programs.

FedEx Trade Networks provides worldwide freight forwarding services

Foreign-trade expertise and supply chain opportunities

Move high-tech products faster by working with us and FedEx Trade Networks to create efficiencies in your supply chain. FedEx Trade Networks provides customized worldwide freight forwarding services that integrates air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trade and customs advisory services, and other value-added services to provide flexible and scalable solutions to your international shipping challenges.

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Packaging, kitting and value-added services

Find ways to impress consumers and add more value to your products with smart and efficient supply chain solutions developed specifically for your business. FedEx Supply Chain has helped leading technology businesses in the consumer electronics and computing space excel by providing:

Contract packaging

Eliminate extra steps and touchpoints by embedding packaging within your warehousing operations.

Package design and development

Deliver an exceptional customer experience with our custom-designed packaging that protects your product and expresses your brand identity.


Exceed the expectations of end consumers by leaning on FedEx Supply Chain to bundle accessories and add items to your product packaging.

Customization and postponement

Proactively address sales trends and perform final device customization through value-added services such as etching.

Product configuration

Satisfy customer demand for current, tested products with firmware and software updates that we administer immediately before the product is shipped.

Quality assurance

Have confidence that your products work correctly for end consumers, based on our final inspection and testing of product samples.


Get a high-definition view of your inventory with systems that provide asset reporting — track exactly where every device is, how it’s configured and where it’s going.

Transportation management

Shipping sensitive equipment — whether it’s a single item or high-value inventory — requires careful handling, secure and timely shipping, and increased visibility.

Meet your commitments to retailers and end consumers by trusting FedEx Supply Chain to handle the challenges of transportation management. Our decades of experience and proven best practices contribute to our leadership and expertise in the 3PL industry. And our relationship with more than 10,000 vetted carriers lets you choose the service that provides the security and special handling you need. Be confident knowing your shipments will arrive on time and intact when FedEx Supply Chain is your provider for:

Outsourced transportation management

Gain efficiency and flexibility by relying on us as your single point of contact for all your shipping needs.

Procuring transportation resources

Simplify your bidding process by turning to us to expertly write your RFP, review proposals and conduct negotiations.

Arranging freight solutions

Get the right carrier for your shipping needs. Our network has every solution available to transport your goods with care, from less-than-truckload (LTL) to full truckload.

Emerging technology used in supply chain management

Three ways emerging tech is helping the supply chain workforce

January 11, 2017
Technological innovation is a driving force for improving the holistic efficiency of the supply chain as well as safety and efficacy of your workforce.

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