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FedEx Supply Chain manages 35 million square feet of warehouse space — an area larger than New York’s Central Park — across North America, serving all kinds of companies.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Designing, building and operating best-in-class logistics ecosystems

Your supply chain is more than a linear chain of processes. It’s an interconnected and interactive network of people, services and technology. By taking a holistic approach to your supply chain — from research and planning to engineering, building and operating — you’ll have greater control and realize more opportunities for improvement than you would with a series of isolated services.

An integrated part of your logistics team

Your business will run faster and smarter when it employs solutions designed for your company’s specific needs — and that’s what FedEx Supply Chain delivers. You’ll gain a competitive advantage by integrating our experts into your team. We’ll put our resources, decades of supply chain experience and industry-specific knowledge to work, so you can focus on guiding your business to success.

Supply chain engineering

Changing one part of your supply chain affects the entire product ecosystem, making it crucial to get a clear picture of how all the pieces work together. Backed by extensive experience, FedEx Supply Chain provides objective insight into logistics processes, helping you identify which changes to make — and which to avoid. By working with FedEx Supply Chain, you receive:

Network optimization

Gain overall efficiencies when we review and identify beneficial changes to the components of your transportation network.

Warehouse location analysis

Increase your fulfillment network’s speed and efficiency by ensuring your distribution centers are in optimal locations.

Optimal mode selection

Identify the best shipping mode to deliver the lowest cost while meeting customer service goals.

Holistic supply chain analysis

Improve the value provided by your supply chain through an impartial, end-to-end analysis of what is working, where you can make improvements and what your return on investment will be.

Supply chain engineering and design

Solve complex business challenges by redesigning or optimizing how your supply chain functions, especially after merging with or acquiring other companies.

Shipment consolidation

Achieve lowest landed cost through shipment consolidation: pooling, multi-stop truckload, repack and zone skipping.

FedEx Supply Chain teammate reviewing proposed warehouse layout for customer

How to design supply chain solutions: An interview with a project engineer

November 1, 2017
One of our experienced supply chain engineers explains how we develop efficient, innovative solutions for customers.

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Automated conveyor system moving products in distribution center

Improving e-commerce fulfillment through business integration

January 11, 2017
Learn about demand planning for e-commerce fulfillment from experts in the fields of marketing and supply chain management.

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Warehouse operations and distribution

What happens inside your warehouse is key to your company’s profitability, flexibility and reputation. By understanding and optimizing the complex ways work streams and services intersect in your warehouse, you’ll improve customer satisfaction, your company’s profitability and your reputation. FedEx Supply Chain supports this by:

Providing dedicated or shared warehouse space

Streamline your operations with a warehouse solution that fits your business and sustains your growth.

Acquiring and developing warehouses

Navigate complex real estate and financial decisions with confidence, guided by our knowledge and experience.

Designing, building and starting up your warehouse

Achieve optimal warehouse and technology performance at the outset with our extensive experience in launching distribution centers.

Managing warehouse staffing

Simplify your labor management by having us oversee every aspect of the human side of your operation, including peak labor management, tracking productivity, rewarding successes and overcoming obstacles.

Offering complete warehouse and distribution center management

Focus on your core business by letting our experts handle the complexity of your warehouse operations.

Supply chain technology

Using technology to maximize your company’s potential is an absolute necessity in today’s data-driven environment. Leaders make knowledgeable decisions with better data, managers run operations more smoothly and employees become more efficient and productive. At FedEx Supply Chain, our engineers and experts don’t just study the latest in technology, they develop it. Turn to us to help you design, implement and optimize your:

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Get the most efficiency from your operations when we implement and optimize a top-tier WMS for your business, such as Manhattan Associates®, JDA/RedPrairie® and R-Log Returns®.

Labor management systems

Improve your workforce productivity and streamline operations using data-driven systems coupled with our experience applying a scientific approach to assigning tasks.

Tracking and visibility

Gain a transparent view of operations, so you can spot value and opportunities with real-time location-tracking systems.

Warehouse automation and emerging technologies

Enable your employees to do their jobs effectively and increase supply chain efficiency by applying emerging platforms and technology.

Emerging technology used in supply chain management

Three ways emerging tech is helping the supply chain workforce

January 11, 2017
Technological innovation is a driving force for improving the holistic efficiency of the supply chain as well as safety and efficacy of your workforce.

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Packaging, kitting and value-added services

Whether a consumer is receiving a custom-assembled kit or a retailer is expecting a new floor display, the key is satisfying customer needs in a timely and cost-effective manner while being consistent with your brand promise. FedEx Supply Chain maximizes the value of your product by:

Packaging products

Reduce extra steps and shipping costs by letting us manage packaging for you.

Providing customization and postponement

Create opportunities to customize and bundle products by leaving them unpackaged or unassembled as long as possible.

Performing kitting and assembly

Create extra value by producing multi-product packages, assembled-to-order kits and value packs based on real-time customer orders.

Building and distributing point-of-sale (POS) displays

Manage in-store promotions effectively and minimize touchpoints by designing and assembling POS displays in the warehouse.

Configuring and packaging electronics

Improve efficiency and deliver up-to-date devices without the expense of unboxing them, or customize pieces by company or order within the facility to avoid extra touchpoints.

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