Our comprehensive solutions are designed to prioritize the customer experience while optimizing your operations and managing complexity.

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Commerce Enablement

Exceeding customer expectations through a network of supply chain solutions

In today’s world of connected commerce, consumer expectations drive business decisions. Managing insight into product availability, shipping options and easy returns can be a key differentiator.

To build that differentiation, you can rely on the robust FedEx network and the integrated solutions from FedEx Supply Chain to optimize the entire ecosystem of your product, drive efficiencies in your retail and e-commerce logistics and minimize touchpoints.

A complete network of solutions through one provider

To meet the growing demands of commerce, your fulfillment infrastructure must become more sophisticated. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to prioritize the customer experience while optimizing your operations and managing complexity. Whether your business model is direct-to-consumer or business-to-business, we’ll help you satisfy your brand promise more effectively by:

Optimizing and scaling your warehousing infrastructure

Flex resources to meet peak demand and promotions, accelerate order processing, and scale quickly and affordably with a top-tier warehouse management system implemented by experts.

Integrating distribution channels

Gain flexibility and manage inventory more effectively by integrating visibility to inventory across all consumer and retail distribution channels.

Scaling e-commerce capabilities

Meet mobile and online customer needs by leveraging our robust e-commerce logistics solutions.

Offering fast fulfillment

Increase sales and build customer loyalty through a fulfillment operation designed for speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency.

Enabling omnichannel delivery options

Increase customer loyalty by offering convenient and cost-effective shipping options, including home delivery, in-store pickup and e-commerce returns.

Delivering real-time information

Optimize inventory control with one platform to view overstock items, shipment status and returns. Use a real-time dashboard with insightful analytics to track trends and react accordingly.

Capitalizing on distributed order management (DOM)

Intelligently forecast where inventory should be with an expert analysis of inventory distribution across your network.

Consumer opening e-commerce purchase

The Retailer’s Atlas for Omnichannel Returns

November 14, 2017
In this white paper, the experts at FedEx Supply Chain provide several helpful strategies for navigating reverse logistics in the new retail reality.

White paper Download white paper

Packaging, kitting and value-added services

Whether a consumer is receiving a custom-assembled kit or a retailer is expecting a new floor display, the key is satisfying customer needs in a timely and cost-effective manner while being consistent with your brand promise. FedEx Supply Chain maximizes the value of your product by:

Packaging products

Reduce extra steps and shipping costs by letting us manage packaging for you.

Providing customization and postponement

Create opportunities to customize and bundle products by leaving them unpackaged or unassembled as long as possible.

Performing kitting and assembly

Create extra value by producing multi-product packages, assembled-to-order kits and value packs based on real-time customer orders.

Building and distributing point-of-sale (POS) displays:

Manage in-store promotions effectively and minimize touchpoints by designing and assembling POS displays in the warehouse.

Configuring and packaging electronics

Improve efficiency and deliver up-to-date devices without the expense of unboxing them, or customize pieces by company or order within the facility to avoid extra touchpoints.

FedEx Fulfillment

Operations still on the smaller side? FedEx Fulfillment is a turnkey, integrated supply chain solution that enables you to achieve profitable, sustainable growth through flexible warehousing and fulfillment, a full portfolio of transportation options, and embedded reverse logistics.

Easy to set up and manage, this solution offers the scalability and visibility you need to build your brand. When you choose FedEx Fulfillment, we’ll enable your commerce operations to succeed by:

Streamlining your processes

Gain visibility to all of your inventory and shipments through our easy-to-use web platform, so you can service customers in key channels more efficiently.

Satisfying customers with fast delivery

Please customers by offering same-day fulfillment for orders placed by one of the latest industry cutoff times.

Gaining access to the global FedEx transportation network

Consistently ranked as one of the most trusted small-business brands, FedEx transportation provides fast and reliable delivery.

Providing world-class reverse logistics solutions

Build customer loyalty by implementing a returns process that is satisfying and simple. Maintain profitability by making returns cost-effective or liquidating product to recoup value.

Mitigating risk and cost

Reduce risk and minimize cost by capitalizing on a shared infrastructure that incorporates automation, warehousing, labor and technology.

Line-up of BAWLS bottles. This niche energy drink company uses FedEx Fulfillment to expand market reach.

BAWLS Guarana drinks reach doorsteps to caffeinate the masses

March 27, 2018
Download the case study to find out how FedEx Fulfillment enabled BAWLS Guarana to amplify their customer following and reduce transit challenges.

Case study Download case study

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