FedEx Supply Chain team with bags of toys to be donated to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital

Helping out when it hits close to home

A story from FedEx Supply Chain teammate Holly Chaltry
December 14, 2017

Holly Chaltry is a devoted mother of four and a grandmother to nine. She’s made a name for herself as an executive assistant at FedEx Supply Chain but she’s also known for giving back in the communities where she lives and works. Holly believes her passion for community involvement stems from a life-changing experience involving her youngest son. Holly Chaltry lead the 2017 holiday toy drive at FedEx Supply Chain

“About 20 years ago, my youngest son Dan was four and he became chronically ill. His flu-like symptoms just weren’t going away, so our doctor sent us to the Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin. During our visit, the doctors found a brain tumor. We never left the hospital, and he had emergency surgery to remove the tumor on the following day.”

Through this challenging time, Holly still fondly remembers the hospital’s team, atmosphere and activities. In particular, Holly recalled how each hospital room provided a variety of games, books, activities and toys for patients — and their siblings — to occupy their time and distract them from the situation at hand.

“A hospital can be a scary place, especially for small children, and these toys made a difference. I strongly believe they can help to turn a terrifying situation into something more manageable and positive for all involved,” said Holly. “For parents, you have so much to focus on during times like this. You’re trying to comprehend what the nurses and doctors are telling you, and your kids are running around at the same time. When toys and games are provided, you don’t worry about entertaining them and can spend more time processing and reacting to information.”

In total, Holly’s son had three surgeries in three years. Today, he’s twenty-three years old with a family of his own in North Carolina, and Holly has found a passion of her own.

“When I started working with FedEx Supply Chain, I was excited to launch and lead the FedEx Cares initiative. It’s a passion for me, and that’s probably because of what I went through with Dan. If I ever get a chance to help, to reach out and to give back, I do.”

Holly took the lead on one of the company’s first Purple Tote drives — a toy collection for the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The company donated 30 totes, totaling roughly $1,050 in toys for children trying to cope and adjust to illness and hospitalization.

“This really hit home for me, and I’m so grateful to work for a company like FedEx that gives me an opportunity to contribute to these types of causes. When you decide who you’re going to work for, it’s important to match your personal values to the organization. I’m really proud to be a part of this group and work for a company that gives back to the community in a meaningful way.”

In 2017, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh cared for 12,333 children for inpatient stays, 9,693 observation stays, 146,748 emergency and express care visits, 23,389 surgical procedures, and more than one million outpatient visits.

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