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Managing Director Jeff Elliott featured in Reverse Logistics Magazine

Originally published in Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 90

Jeff Elliott, the managing director of technology sales at FedEx Supply Chain, has been featured in the latest edition of Reverse Logistics Magazine for his article, “Enhancing profitability and the customer experience through your returns strategy.” In this article, Elliott discusses how companies can optimize their forward supply chain to minimize returns, develop a cost-effective returns strategy to please customers and create a competitive advantage through a more holistic product network.

Elliott highlights the following industry statistics in his article.

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Author: Jeff Elliott

As Managing Director of Sales in Technology Solutions at FedEx Supply Chain, Jeff Elliott spearheads the company’s strategic approach to expanding the customer portfolio within the technology vertical, while fostering the existing customer base. In this position, Elliott serves a vital role in driving lead generation, prospect engagement and relationship management for the Technology Solutions business unit. Elliot has more than 30 years in the field of global sales, supply chain management and consumer electronics, with extensive experience in sales leadership, international expansion and commercial team development. Elliott received his bachelor of science in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University.

Jeff Elliott

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