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FedEx® Fulfillment featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette e-commerce series

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article published November 27, 2017

With the increasing demand of e-commerce orders and expected delivery times, logistics companies are investing in and developing innovative technology solutions to meet consumer expectations. Small businesses, alongside big-box retailers, are working toward supply chain optimization to fulfill the hunger of instant gratification as soon as consumers click “order.”

To kick off the holiday shopping season, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered this topic as part of a three-part series focused on the growth of on-demand retail delivery.

Courtney Linder, reporter, spoke with Dan Coll, e-commerce fulfillment executive at FedEx Supply Chain, about the operating company’s solutions for big-box retailers and “the little guys.”

“They come to us and they say, ‘I didn’t go into business to pick, pack and ship. I don’t have a supply chain department. I need your help in navigating through commerce because it changes every day, every week, every month,” said Coll.

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